Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Experiment 1 - Minimize "idle time"

Time is a huge matter! I don't think I ever slept long hours in my life. Since my teen years I always had a feeling that sleeping an extra hour is almost a crime! - so much can be done in that hour that many would choose to spend in Morpheus embrace.

For all the ideas and experiments I want to run I need TIME. I got curious whether I can optimize the way my body rests – maximize energy recovery in the shortest time possible. Discipline Blogger Harris Kern suggests Minimize Sleep - You’ll Sleep Plenty When You Die My current sleep pattern is very inconsistent. Plenty of excuses for that - traveling, priorities, not enough time to finish clean up, a chapter in a book etc. Truth be told these excuses all come to one reason - lack of discipline. I presume with proper exercise routine, nutrition I could go as little as 5 hours of sleep a day and feel good and energized. Before I get there I need to get consistency in my current sleeping habits. At this point when I sleep is more important than how long I sleep.

I have split the experiment into two-week blocks. In the first two weeks I will make no changes to the number of "idle hours" but will stick to the same sleep time slot: 11pm - 6am. To help establish such routine some physicians advise to have a reminder (alarm) set up not only for the time we should get up but also for the time to go to bed. Otherwise there is always a risk to be carried away by all types of events, be it a TV show, a converstaion, or any housework. In the following phase I will be gradually reducing my sleeping time by 30 min every fortnight. If all goes according to the plan in 8 weeks I will be 30 min away from the target "idle time" of 5 hours per day.

P.S. On my first day of experiment it is obvious that the space for improvement is enormous :) I am finishing this post at 2:30 AM.

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